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Ah, Made in Chelsea. Where would we be without you and your so-called 'structured reality', and characters and plot lines of varying note? The answer, simply, is 'a bit lost': Made in Chels is probably tv-ooh's favourite example of the so-called 'structured reality' 'genre', so to that end, here are links to all the stories tv-ooh has written on the show, on one handy easy-to-find page, complete with nice pictures. 

And, like the show itself, the stories frequently contain references to AMAZING HAIR and Champagne.

Series 4: The winners, the losers and the chumps...
What did you make of series four readers? Who are your winners, your losers? Your, er, chumps? It's quite complicated, but also very simple. Here's what tv-ooh thought...
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Series 4: This is what we know
It's not quite here yet, but there's some new people joining, and these are some of their names...
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Hopes of an aggressive cat fight between Cheska and Kimberley in some sort of country house showdown during the obligatory end of series party, perhaps involving crashing into a live chocolate fountain, proved fruitless.
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Series 3 episode 7: And on the seventh day God created Francis
Eek. You'll recall, won't you, how tv-ooh supposed that Made in Chelsea had suddenly become a bleak and damning essay on the intricacies of modern romance and the barren self-destructive hopelessness therein? Well it's getting worse - and we're quite liking it.
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Series 3 episode 6: Off to Chelsea-on-sea, but we can't take Ollie
When did this light-hearted structured-reality playful telly show about good-looking posh knobs tottering about a heavily stylised and, indeed, fictionalised part of west London become a bleak and damning essay on the intricacies of modern romance and the barren self-destructive hopelessness therein?
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Series 3 episode 4: A pardy just for the sake of a pardy
"Let's have a pardy!" says Hugo, seen sporting both clean shaven and partially shaven looks in this episode, "for no reason whatsoever!"
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Made in Chelsea series 3 episode 3: Basically just girls in underwear 
'Are you perving on us?' asks Millie of an awkward Francis, while she's trying on some slinky underwear. Or is she actually asking the question of the nation?
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So Spencer's back to being a drunken old cad, Francis is back to being a nice but posh dim-wit while Jamie's walking around with the arm of his sunglasses in his mouth. BACK ON FORM.
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Series 3 episode 1: It's back! But no more Caggie/Spencer, cheers

Oh Caggie and Spencer - can the pair of you just get on with your lives without having to ever speak to each other again please, apart from idle small talk during the end-of-episode all-cast Champagne party that everyone is contractually obliged to go to, even if not everyone gets a line?
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Made in Chelsea series 3 official trailer: But what does it all MEAN? And where is Binky?

Hands up who had a minor asthma attack at the new Made in Chelsea series 3 trailer then? No, tv-ooh didn't either. But it's still all quite exciting though, so one will admit to a certain... breathlessness.

Let's look at some stills from the trailer and make some fatuous observations try and decipher some of the coded meanings:
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Made in Chelsea series 3 starts on March 26 and this is what we know

For fans of structured reality and semi-sophisticated young people with AMAZING HAIR and a taste for drinking Champagne in contrived events designed to bring everyone together in order to create a bit of 'argy bargy' for the benefit of us viewers, there is good news - Made in Chelsea season 3 is apparently due to start on March 26 on E4. Read full story

Series 2 episode 10: Champagne, fireworks and, like, FIREWORKS

In the achingly glamorous world of Made in Chelsea, season two has come to a dramatic close - and we know it was dramatic because there were FIREWORKS. IN THE SKY.

All the cast, and some extras too but we don't care about them, all gathered outside the inevitable country house in which they were partying and drinking Champagne.
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Series 2 episode 6: Binky and Cheska - do we call them Bheska? Or Chinky? Or what?

Right, stop everything everyone. The "guys" in Made in Chelsea need to start watching and fast, tv-ooh has decided, because at the moment there seems to be gaps in the plot which the audience are expected to fill in.

When did Cheska and Binky's fall out become so serious exactly?
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Series 2 episode 1: Feminism look away, it's "women as cake"

Made in Chelsea, the structured-reality soap with a plum in its mouth, is back - and it's like the immaculately-groomed cast, dressed in their muted tones and curiously pastel fashions, have never been away.
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Made in Chelsea is back for a new series on E4 from September 19 and joining the so-called cast will be a bunch of new so-called characters, who will all contribute to the so-called drama.

And, if truth be told, tv-ooh cannot wait for it to start. Here, then, is what is known about them "to date".
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Series 1: a verdict *awkward pause, hair toss, pouty look*

Oh Made in Chelsea, you have television's most well-groomed cast with AMAZING HAIR and now you have completed your first series of ever-so light incident resulting from self-absorbed early-twenty something fun and frolics and angst and that.

Time for Champagne toasts in an all-white trouser suit at some sort of vague summer garden party held at a big country house then, yar?
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"Stick your bum out a bit. Perk it, perk it! Now, spread them apart."

Depending on how you look at it, watching a nearly-naked young man fondle the bark of a tree in a windy park as he poses with bananas and carrots as props, for photos which he hopes will land him work as a model, is either the zenith or the nadir of this new 'structured-reality' tv genre everyone's parping on about.
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So Made in Chelsea is here, and the world is still turning on its axis, which, when all is told, is a relief.

The seven girls and five guys that make up 'the cast' of the new E4 'dramatised reality show' are all as well-groomed and potentially annoying as you'd expect, but fortunately there seems to be some humour in evidence, something which the producers should immediately develop further.

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